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The Experience
Your path to healing starts here.

Step 1: Discovery 

The first step is to get to know YOU. We start off by doing a thorough review of your health history and your current challenges. Next, we will sit down with you, virtually or in one of our clinics to discuss your health challenges, your goals and expectations. With this in mind, if you haven’t already please start thinking about what a successful outcome means to you. If we are a good fit to help you we will recommend lab testing. While we wait for the results of your lab test, we will likely start you on a preparatory protocol to get your body in the optimal state to heal and to help you start feeling better.

Step 2: The Plan

Once we receive your lab testing results, we will sit down with you to discuss your results, what they mean, and most importantly, discuss a plan of action on how we will help you achieve your goals. Our goals are your goals and we take a no-stone left unturned approach to ensure your desired outcome. Our protocols are backed by proven research, and combine leading western and “alternative” approaches. Ultimately, our job is to provide you the resources necessary for healing and to help you maintain your results, longterm.

Step 3: The Support

This African Proverb holds true; “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Healing happens together and we want to hold your hand through the process. Our team will meet with you regularly to ensure you have the knowledge, coaching, and accountability to succeed. Using a combination of personal coaching, trackable technology, and unique challenges, we strive to help you reconnect with your body in a way that keeps things simple and fun. Healing doesn't have to be complicated!

Step 4: The Results

We celebrate feeling better but the proof is in the numbers. This is the step in the journey where we get to measure your progress. We do this based on how you feel,, but just as importantly, how your body is actually functioning. As part of our process, we will track your data. This way we can sit down with you and look objectively at how your health has improved. Not only can you see your progress, but it helps us to determine how to best maintain your results long-term. 


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